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I am an iOS Software Engineer at Facebook in San Francisco working on and learning to build amazing applications. Previously leading mobile development at Dynamit. I've been making native and web apps since 2008, when I was in school at the University of Cincinnati.


I am really open to speaking opportunities. I love talking about professional growth and development in engineering, how to engage people with amazing software, and building apps from big to small.

I love speaking at all sizes of conferences and events, so if you'd like to have me please just reach out.


I've been a wishful entrepreneur for some time now, and every app I release is an experiment in marketing, engineering, and design (I've managed to get an app featured on the App Store). My goal is to create a sustainable side-gig to slowly scale and experiment with even further.

I also like to invest a good deal of time into open source projects on Github. I feel an ethical obligation to contribute software back into the wild as much of what I use was born from free and open collaberation on the web.


I try to write as much as I can because writing is one of the best ways to get better at critical thinking and organization. Writing is also one of the more difficult tasks for me, always has been.

I am a tech editor for, the most popular and vast iOS tutorial websites out there. I get to work with incredibly talented developers and writers while also learning about ground-breaking technologies all at the same time. It's amazing.


If you're interested in getting in touch about contract work, consulting, speaking, or just to chat, please reach out at anytime either by email or Twitter.